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​​We can bring to you trainings that vary in length of time and focus to fit the needs of your classroom, school, or agency. Presentations are generally provided by members of our certified Youth Nonviolence Training Crew, with support from adult trainers.

  • 1-day, 1/2-day or 1-2 hour(s) presentation open to middle school and high school students.

  • This program is offered upon request for schools, faith-based institutions, and other youth-serving groups.


Topics covered in these youth-focused presentations include:

  • Types & Levels of Conflict: how to recognize what type of conflict is happening and ways to reduce the intensity of the conflict and bring it back to a normal level.

  • Six Principles of Kingian Nonviolence – Dr. King's philosophy of nonviolence as a way of life.

  • Six Steps of Kingian Nonviolence – How to deal with a conflict and bring about social change.

  • Rosa Parks & the Montgomery Bus Boycott (1955) – Understanding this important civil rights campaign.

  • The Children's March in Birmingham (1963) – Using a video produced by Teaching Tolerance to highlight the important role played by youth in bringing about change in one of the most violent and segregated cities in America.

  • “What Is Your Life's Blueprint” - Using a speech by Dr. King to a group of of Junior High students to inspire youth to outline a blueprint for their life and encourage them to reach their highest potential.

  • We presented a Nonviolence training on Zoom in March and April. If you would like to hear about the next training, please email us. Thanks.

  • We also offer Nonviolence 101 Direct Action Trainings. All are welcome. For more information, click the Get Trained button below.

  •  Once a year, we do an intense youth training in Dr. Martin Luther King's Nonviolence, for ages 14-19. Those who complete the training become certified as youth nonviolence trainers, and may join our training team. We hope to do this training in person once it's safe to do so.

  • If this interests you, please let us know by clicking the Get Trained button below, and checking the Youth Institute box on the training form. Or email us at the address below.


The Nonviolence Legacy Program also organizes and produces special youth-focused, peace building events such as: Children, Youth & Art activities at the annual Tucson Peace Fair & Music Festival; Hip Hop Peace Summit, with workshops and performances highlighting the essential elements of Hip Hop as a peace movement. The Nonviolence Legacy Program also took a leading role in organizing the first Youth & Peace Conference, which is now an independent program affiliated with the Culture of Peace Alliance (COPA).

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