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Natanya Siegel


Natanya mainly grew up in NYC from the age of 4 years, obtained a BA in Psychology and worked 25 years in social service. She came to Tucson in 2006 and to continued her studies in Nonviolent Communication, a book written by Marshall Rosenberg. Natanya was on the board of the Food Conspiracy Co-op for 3½ years, volunteered with Iskashitaa Refugee Harvesting Program for 3 years, and volunteer Chaplain for UMC Hospital one year. In May 2012, Natanya took the NVLP (Nonviolence Legacy Project) 2-day training program and loved that youth were learning to facilitate Dr. Martin Luther King’s program of nonviolence. Soon afterwards she started volunteering on preparing food for the NVLP workshops and youth trainings. On 10/26/14, she was appointed to the COPA Coordinating Council as a council member and was the secretary from 3/08/15 to 1/16/16. Natanya’s main involvement has been with the NVLP (preparing food for many of their workshops and youth trainings after 2013, and helping with the Youth and Peace Conference (YPC) that are two of the affiliates of COPA. Since childhood Natanya has been drawn to figuring out how to connect the world in a meaningful life. Her father mentioned Nature to her, when she was wondering why one religion would be more right than all the others? For her, human beings are just part of Nature. Her mother said she was radical but went about it conservatively. Natanya is trying to give up the war-like thinking of our society. Connecting to more life enhancing ways we can live that brings more meaning and balance to the world we live in, Nature even in the peace movement.

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